Ave Maria Trilogy with Orchestra

I made my debut as an orchestral composer with the Symphony Orchestra of Northern Virginia at the historic George Washington Masonic National Memorial in Alexandria, VA on Saturday Oct 29, 2022. (https://www.sonovamusic.org/oldfriends.html) Link to Concert Program

After revisiting my foundations as a composer during the pandemic and writing tons of music, I was asked to arrange a trilogy of three different versions of “Ave Maria” for orchestra with Maestro Jackson Caesar as the featured vocal soloist. These original melodies by Giulio Caccini, Franz Schubert, and Bach/Gounod span over 300 years and presented a technical and creative challenge to orchestrate and connect as one unified whole as they transition through a variety of moods and textures while retaining the original Latin text. This is the largest scale work I’ve created to date and it was a joy to hear it performed live for the first time. The full score and parts can be purchased from the "Sheet Music" page on this website. Check out the video below for an excerpt from the concert: