Testimonial / Press


“I have known Brian Falkowski since early 2015 to the present. He was introduced to me as someone who could handle very well the transcribing of my music from hand-written notation to printed notation using computer software. All in all I submitted to him 26 projects over the last three years and he has more than met my expectations. He did superb work and was always conscientious about keeping in contact. Because he is a very good musician/composer in his own right, he could spot out potential errors and draw these to my attention. Sometimes he offered suggestions to me, some of which I took up. Most people doing this kind of work would not have taken such initiative. Overall I very much appreciated our relationship in which he showed such great respect for me and the music he was setting. All of this was successfully carried through emails and their attachments. IN June 2017 I had the opportunity to meet him in person in Washington DC on a visit there. Our conversations showed me just how broad his musical knowledge is and I learned of his worth musical goals." 

-James D’Angelo, Ph.D. - Composer   https://www.jamesdangelomusic.com/

“Brian has been working with us since 2013 as a performer, recording artist, and composer. He has always been a consummate professional in every aspect of all our endeavors. His commitment to scheduling and deadlines has been something we have been able to rely on without exception. He has always kept a professional attitude, appearance, and demeanor that has been a great asset to us as a record label.”

- Chris Vrenios, Owner - Honest Music Inc.   https://christosdc.com/honest-music/

“I employ Brian Falkowski as a principle member of the David Bach Consort for my live engagements and studio recordings. Brian is a very talented musician and composer, and I also use his services for making charts of my compositions. I have only good things to say about Brian’s musicianship and professionalism.”

- David Bach, Owner/Bandleader, David Bach Music   http://davidbachmusic.com

"Brian has transcribed a handful of North Indian Classical music pieces for me which requires him to listen to the intricate details and nuances of the raga-based music which is aurally learned and taught.  His transcriptions of this music to western notation have always been very clear and accurate.  He usually is able to do a quick turn around which is great. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to have transcription work done in a professional manner."

Nistha Raj, Founder & Director - District of Raga   www.districtofraga.com  /  www.nistharaj.com

“Brian always impresses me with his professionalism, musicianship, and thoughtfulness. I have worked with Brian since 2019 and have availed his services as a musician, lecturer, arranger, and transcriber. He is up to any challenge with doing the necessary research into new music, and is also a great composer of original tunes. I highly recommend him!”

 - Pablo Regis de Oliveira, Executive Director and Co-Founder,  EducArte Inc. https://www.educarteinc.org

“I have bee using Brian's services as a copyist for a few years now. His adeptness at music notation methodology and understanding of the genre of music I compose in makes him a valuable resource for me. He is a consummate professional, who expeditiously converts and edits my handwritten scores into elegant print.”

- Deepak Ram, Master bansuri flute performer and composer, https://www.deepakram.com/

"Big thanks and kudos to Brian Falkowski for transcribing my solo on " Softly As A Morning Sunrise"- HE DID A GREAT JOB!"

- Tim Price, Woodwind Artist and Educator, Distinguished SOTW member

“You might have heard Brian Falkowski’s laser-like tenor saxophone soaring from the bandstand at Donvonte McCoy’s regular gig at Eighteenth Street Lounge, or echoing in the smoky basement club at Jojo’s. But there’s a lot more to his sound than that. Falkowski has been a quiet mover on the scene for some time now; come hang as we shine a light on his role as a composer and bandleader, in a set that incorporates electroacoustic elements and multimedia visuals designed by Falkowski himself.” 

- Jamie Sandel, Creative Media Lead - Capitol Bop    https://www.capitalbop.com/

"The opening cut "Birds Flying Into Buildings" is a tour-de-force of adventurous progressive fusion, sort of like a head-on collision between Soft Machine, Gentle Giant, and King Crimson, with Falkowski's sinewy sax melodies soaring over intricate guitar riffs and ominous Mellotron choirs."

- Pete Pardo (Sea of Tranquility.org), review of Birds and Buildings album Bantam to Behemoth

"With a horn section which would give Tower Of Power a run for its money.... special mention must go to Brian Falkowski’s blistering sax solo (on "Legend of the Neighborhood")

- Helen Gregory (Folk Radio), review of Marian McLaughlin's album Spirit House